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Spypoint Cell-Link Verizon LTE Cellular Adapter |

The Spypoint Cell-Link Verizon LTE Cellular Adapter can add cellular functionality to most trail cameras so you can receive and view images right on your phone. This Cell-Link uses nationwide Verizon LTE to upload the images captured by your non-cellular camera, where you can then view and manage them via the SPYPOINT app on your mobile device.

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The Stealth app is a great app & has great features of controlling your camera setting remotely, but the camera is still a piece of crap. You can buy a off brand 4k go pro for under $100 bucks that takes spectacular video & still shots but Stealth can't seem to …

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Stealth Cam says that it will work with a 64Gb card. In my preliminary test it worked with a 256 GB Lexar 600x speed card. My GXW series cameras are very particular about SD cards so we will have to see is this camera can consistently use larger cards. In my preliminary testing the video looks good. The exposure adjust nicely as the light changes.

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Best Trail Cameras For 2021 By Money | Money

Feb 05, 2021  · Hunters will find this model especially helpful, since the smartphone app includes a feature that can identify different animal species and even score bucks using an evolving AI algorithm. Performance-wise, the Link-S-V provides an admirable 12 MP resolution, a lightning-fast 0.02 second shutter speed and 100 feet of flash and detection range.

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